Consulting Services

The documentation covers most questions you might have about PhraseExpress. Our video blog offers step-by-step tutorials with additional tips and tricks.

If you prefer personal assistance, e.g. support for advanced installations or configurations, macro programming or tips for general usage, our remote desktop consulting services provided from our inhouse experts assist you to get the most out of the software:

  • You will be served by phone, email or via a TeamViewer remote desktop session for 30 minutes per service ticket.
  • We gladly help you setting up PhraseExpress and explain the use of the software with step-by-step instructions. We also assist you in creating custom macros and cover any PhraseExpress related issue.
  • If your inquiry leads to a bug in the latest PhraseExpress version we will issue a refund for your service ticket purchase.
  • Support tickets must be redeemed within 30 days after purchase.
  • Our engineers will make the best efforts to provide high quality consultant services. Due to the nature of such service, however, we cannot guarantee to resolve any possible issue. Consulting is offered as a service, not as a work contract. Please make sure to understand the difference.

Purchase Service Ticket

Technical Support is not free?

It is our top priority to provide you with a rock-solid and easy-to-use software. We continuosly improve the software to maintain compatibility, for example with operating system changes.

Of course, any reproducible malfunction caused by a issue in the software will be investigated and - if within our reach - fixed free-of-charge.

Your PhraseExpress purchase inludes the license to use the software and covers the ongoing software development. Any update, upgrade and even major new versions released during a valid maintenance term are free-of-charge.

PhraseExpress can be used as a simple tool use but you probably opted for our solution because of its sheer power under the hood and great flexibility in configuration. This can come at the price of complexity, the more you dig into it.

Software like PhraseExpress interact with different versions of the operating system and a wide variety of other software, network environments and hardware which we even might not have access to - Every support case requires us to analyze each individual user's setup.

Due to the complexity, we can't outsource support to a general multi-purpose call center which reads out a knowledge base to you. Instead, our consulting service is provided by dedicated inhouse specialists with engineer degrees. You probably understand, that this couldn't be provided free-of-charge for something like a $49 purchase.

As user skills and consulting demand vary, adding a flat fee on top of the license price would be unfair for all users, who don't need it. To provide excellent service as needed, we offer consulting as a separate time-based paid service.